Stone Mason & Artists

Respectful Restoration

Historic buildings require extra care during restoration and repair. It is an art to restore damaged masonry to its original appearance and qualities. Stone Mason and Artist have the craftsmen who can restore the look, colour, texture, and structural integrity of any historic building or structure. We are experts in every aspect of restoration, from paint stripping and custom mortar matching (repointing), crack repair, complete masonry and stone replacement.

Stone Mason and Artist have worked on some of Sydney's most historic sites. Trusted by Government and private enterprise alike, the family business has earned a reputation as the exemplary restorative contractor in Australia.

Time, care and the best quality craftsmanship are essential elements in our work. Stone Mason and Artist’ aim, is to remain at the forefront in the repair of our national heritage. We provide a quality service in the care of buildings and the environment by using a combination of traditional skills, knowledge and respect.

Respectfully Restored Buildings: