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Stone Mason & Artist Pty Ltd (SMA) is the product of four generations in the stone masonry and building industry. We are an Australian family owned company. We can provide complete restoration services, building make safe (risk reduction), foreshore/seawall construction and restoration, engineering solutions, and continued maintenance planning. We excel in providing solutions and expertise on all types of projects.

SMA has been delivering quality projects for over 50 years. We have been established as one of the premier restoration companies in Australia. We understand the detailed process in delivering successful projects. We develop and maintain excellent relationships with our clients by understanding their needs, building superior projects, while maintaining a safe, honest and reliable culture within our company.


SMA has developed an enviable approach to managing its resources and capabilities that deliver exceptional results.
At SMA our Work Health Safety and Environment Policy is based on a belief that the well-being of people employed at work or people affected by our work, is the first priority for all work performed on our behalf.
Our underlying objectives with each project are:

  • To continually add value to projects through the application of innovative and constructive thinking.
  • Use management systems to reduce risk.
  • Ensure reliable outcomes and more efficient use of resources.
  • Precisely match the unique talents of our employees to exceed the expectations for our clients.
  • Our people are our major asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility.
  • The public shall be given equal priority to that of our employees. Communication is encouraged by all to help management achieve our goals.


SMA uses the following values as the basis for its successful operation.

  • To build enduring relationships based on co-operation, trust and common interest.
  • Create and encourage a culture of innovation and excellence among all employees.
  • Create rewarding and satisfying career opportunities for our employees.
  • Manage projects to achieve optimal returns and reliable outcomes for our clients.

The actions we take and the decisions we make, are based on a strong commitment to these values.
SMA enjoys a proven track record of on time completion, cost and quality.