Heritage Restoration

At the core of Stone Mason & Artist is the specialised discipline of Heritage Restoration and Conservation. This field of work requires an understanding of project specifics, ensuring the significance of heritage is maintained over time.

The restoration of heritage buildings and sites is our principal objective.

We set out to provide this service to conserve for present and future generations.


Foreshore Construction

SMA have completed many successful Sea Wall Construction and Restoration projects around NSW and Sydney Harbour.

Through research, development and the collaboration of specialist consultants, master mason and scientific analysis, SMA has developed a best practice for this marine environment. Sea Walls are multidimensional and unique contributing factors need to be understood prior to construction or restoration. With SMA you can rely on this proven process to deliver superior project results.

Adaptive Reuse

Australia is such a diverse land and as we move through the country and cities we need to adapt.

The history, environment and built fabric may need to be adapted to preserve or continue their use.

We take pride in being able to contribute in maintaining the use or reimagining the intent of places and buildings. We can gain so much from understanding what has occurred prior to our journey forward.

Sculpture & Monuments

Stonemasonry is an art. The joy of creating and working with our hands is a common trait within SMA. Our Artisans and trades people have amazing talent. We work with designers, architects and artists, bringing your visions and dreams to life. Your imagination is our inspiration.

Building Risk Reduction

As part of essential maintenance, reducing risk is for everyone’s benefit.

Stone Mason & Artist have been involved with making safe since the conception of this practice. As buildings deteriorate and maintenance is neglected, the risk to public increases.

Regular inspections and maintenance regimes help eliminate the potential risk of fabric becoming unstable, dislodging and falling. We have become familiar with the requirements for assessing and conducting this work. SMA can tailor a solution to reduce your risk.


Remedial works are often associated with Heritage Buildings.

The rectification and corrective actions for buildings as they are maintained is essential. Exploratory works can be carried out to remove or remediate the impacting catalyst. As buildings and fabric get older and technologies improve, the need to remediate increases. The requirement to measure, investigate, assess, and recommend this remediation are part of the initial stage service. For this work we have Specialist Trades people, Technicians, Heritage structural Engineers and Architects that can provide expert reports. Remedial works can be carried out once a better understanding is achieved. Saving time, reducing cost and improving the outcome.

Stone Merchants

Our inherent love for natural stone keeps us sourcing its natural form.

SMA has the expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

Please explore our projects and stock.